The ABCs of 123movies

For as long as the online shopping network has been in existence, it has always been a sensible idea to list things alphabetically. It is perceived this makes it easier for online shoppers to find what they are looking for, especially if the chosen online shopping network just happens to be carrying hundreds, if not, thousands of products for sale. But even this ‘orderly’ arrangement can be confusing at times. This depends, of course, on what type of product is being marketed.

Take furniture, for instance. Some retailers will list their items for sale by name. Each lounge suite on sale is given its own name and then listed alphabetically. This is confusing for the shopper who needs to distinguish between leather and corduroy finishes. But there is no confusion in the ABCs of 123movies. In fact, it is quite convenient and feasible to make alphabetical listings. It works well in different directions, depending on what the movie or TV show watcher is looking out for.


They can select their favorite movies or TV shows in order of name, or they can select their favorite ordering in line with genres, such as action, comedy and romance or science-fiction. Usually at the bottom of each catalogue or genre specific list come those movies that have titles beginning with or carrying it in full, a number or sequence of numbers. This may seem confusing at this point in time, but the well-practiced movie or TV series shopper or scheduler has no qualms with this.

There is also the option to go with IMDb online narratives, reviews and historically archived background stories. There are some movie or show watchers who prefer to receive previews of what they will be watching for the first time.